Sunday, December 29th - Chris
The intricacy of the art should explain the time needed for the comic. Next update... mid-Monday? Tuesday? Something like that.

Wednesday, December 25th - Chris
I haven't been able to get in contact with Stefan, hence I don't have a script, hence there's not a proper comic today either. But enjoy some holiday art, and hopefully I'll have talked to him by Friday.

Tuesday, December 24th - Chris
The technical difficulties were due to me losing a couple hours of work after my program crashed - twice - and I didn't have any more time that day. But things are working again.

Happy holidays, everyone - the comic will update again on the 26th.

Saturday, December 21st - Chris
Instead of a comic, I had to get work done on the project above. Comic is inked and will go up Sunday afternoon.

Construction of the Star Destroyer has begun. Just call my kitchen table Kuat Drive Yards.

Thursday, December 19th - Chris
There are two good reasons I didn't update yesterday. They are Orthanc and Barad-Dur.
The Two Towers kicked ass. Midnight showing, indeed.
Today's finals went well. One more takehome to finish off for Friday; expect the next comic on Saturday.

Monday, December 16th - Chris
'Tis the season for holiday cheer.
For values of "cheer" equal to "fire".

Happy holidays, everyone.

Wednesday, December 11th - Chris
Last day of classes.
So I go to the Euchre tournament, having finished most of my homework. I get out my clipboard, pencil, and pens to draw with in whatever spare time I have.
Two hours after the tournament ended, I discover that I left the clipboard there. This contains not only the partially-done comic, but also my homework due tomorrow, and another assignment which I haven't started.
No comic today, as I attempt to regain my ever-important materials, and rewrite the homework due tomorrow morning. Expect comic Thursday, if I've reacquired the stuff.

Tuesday, December 10th - Chris
Well, my schoolwork's going well, and I think we might manage three comics this week. Three updates definitely, three comics is certainly possible. I haven't slept in a long time. Feels great now... but I'll be dead come tomorrow.

The theatre show was great all around. Sunday damn near sold out. It's a shame we had to take the set apart... but I ended up with the little foamboard model of the tower to stage right. It's so cool.

Friday, December 6th - Chris
Opening night of Yeomen of the Guard was a success. Four more shows.

Between my DNS going down more often than the elevator in a building full of lazy people, and my computer suffering two bluescreens in the space of an hour, I have not had the technical capability to prepare a comic. So here.

Back to regularity Monday. Maybe Tuesday.

Monday, December 2nd - Chris
My theatre production, Yeomen of the Guard, runs from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. This is hell week.

Have a comic.

This week's reasons are: theatre work, final election process for Tau Beta Pi, Thanksgiving preparations, and losing my pens and pencil. That last one is also why the comic looks so rough - I had to ink in ballpoint.
Next week, theatre is over, TBP election is over, some of my classes are over, and maybe I'll buy more pens. That's all the hope I can give you.

If, after this, you still feel the need to complain about my lack of updates (yes, this is my lack of updates, Stefan's been waiting like the rest of you), feel free to e-mail me at

Friday, November 22nd - Chris
Just a bit of art today. Look for this piece to be showing up more in the future as I experiment with different shading/coloring techniques.

Thursday, November 21st - Chris
Today's Stefan's birthday. E-mail him with birthday greetings!
As a present to Stefan (and you all just happen to benefit), I've gotten off my lazy ass and drawn another comic. Enjoy.

Monday, November 18th - Chris
At long last, a new comic.
Friday before last was Scatterplot's 1-year anniversary. It passed without fanfare. I wanted to have a site update set - new graphics, at least, these ones are horribly aliased (by which I mean non-anti-aliased) and that should be fixed, like in that wonderful voting graphic at the top of the page that you could maybe think about giving a click now that I've got a new comic up. Or not, your choice.
Anyway, school continues to be a struggle to not fall horribly behind. Accordingly, I have no idea when the next true comic will be up, but I'm shooting for Thursday, as I have a final Tuesday night. In any case, we're trying for at least three, hopefully four updates this week - a couple comics, at least, and some extra stuff if I don't have enough comic time.

Wednesday, November 13th - Stefan
Hello, all. Stefan again with more random art. Sorry about the lack of funny content on the site (unless you find the above picture funny. I know I do). Chris has been really busy. I haven't, so you get my art. You may be seeing a lot of me, depending on how things work out. So I'll try to make it at least interesting, if not actually funny. That's about it. Kindly direct all complaints to the forum.

Friday, November 8th - Stefan
Hey, all. This is just some random art I did... Umm. I'm sort of writing a graphic novel. I estimate about a year until completion (currently I just have characters made, and about 20 pages of a projected 100 loosely storyboarded). Most of what you're seeing is concept designs I have for certain rooms/scenes, in case you're wondering. Some of it may be funny, but that's between you and me. And the paper. And whatever else. So in case you're wondering where the joke is, there isn't one, unless you want there to be. In which case it's on you.

Wednesday, November 6th - Chris
A day late, but here's some Guy Fawkes Day art.
Now, I realize many of you have been wondering, "What the hell is Guy Fawkes Day?" Well, in 1605, Guy Fawkes was caught trying to blow up the British Parliament, on November 5th. The British celebrate this with fireworks and burning Guy effigies.
So now you know. Scatterplot: Always an educational experience.

Tuesday, November 5th - Chris
Also, happy Guy Fawkes Day. More on that later.

Friday, November 1st - Chris
More art for ye. Comics on Monday. I hope. Really.
Again with the paper and the homework and whatnot. Next week should be "easier".
Well, come December, my theatre show ends, and my two one-credit classes stop meeting, and I'll be finished with my requirements for Tau Beta Pi. That'll be better.

In other news, November is National Novel Writing Month. You have 30 days to write 50,000 words. Plan little, edit little, just let the words flow forth like water from a broken dam, uncontrollable and possibly painful. But fun!
You have 30 days. Begin.


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