Thursday, October 31st - Chris
Happy Halloween. Have some art.

Sunday, October 27th - Chris
Whooo. That was a busy week. Sorry I haven't updated - had a project and a paper due last week. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 20th - Chris
Finally. Couldn't get back to the room last night. Have a comic, on us.

Also, I'm likely gonna be late with Monday's comic, since I have homework due Monday that I've not started.

Wednesday, October 16th - Chris
Well, we're hopefully back on track here. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 13th - Stefan
Yes, that's right, I'm actually saying something. Just in case you thought I didn't exist. So, let's get down to some explaining.
First off - what do I do? I write the comic. Chris draws it. That means that a good 90-95% of the script comes straight from my brain. In case you were wondering. I know the "Intellectual Property" strips haven't been the best, or the most sensical, and you may have been denying my ability to actually be funny. Well, no more. Aside from that, I'm the "inspiration" for the character of Steve.
So how do we write the comics? Somewhere in the late afternoon/early evening. Chris will receive an IM that inevitably starts with "comic?". He is rarely there. I then craft my crafty craft upon the IM, and save the script on my computer (to avoid the potential IM crash/whatever). About seven hours or so later, you get a comic. At least, that's how it's supposed to happen.
And now, about my comic for today. The character in the trenchcoat with the wrench is NOT Steve. He is, in fact, a character I came up with before I started writing Scatterplot, and the subject of one of my Halloween costumes for last year (right up there with the schoolgirl. For an extra twist, I went to an anime fest in Ann Arbor that year as a "schoolgirl with a wrench".) Anyways, his name is the Handyman. That's all you get for now. I'm going to try to post this series as it develops in my mind and I put it to paper. This means the updates will be sporadic, and possibly far between. But we shall see.
I'd like to thank you all for reading the comic. This has actually been far more successful than I'd expected. I think we have close to 120 readers, which is rather amazing. I don't think I personally know half of you... Anyways, you guys often make my day, and inspire me. Drop me a line some time at the link above.
I'll try to post more often.

Saturday, October 12th - Chris
Presenting Scatterplot #100! It's just a number, sure. It's not all that pretty in binary - 1100100 doesn't look like it means much. But it's a cause to look back on the past 11 months.
Damn. It's been a while. Thanks for sticking with us, and thanks to all the guest artists who've pulled my ass out of the fire so often - we really should have more that 100 Scatterplots here, but these artists have filled at least part of the slack.
Stick around. We've got plenty more surprises for you.

In other news, Stefan's whipping up a little bit of fun for you all for tomorrow, so drop by then...

Wednesday, October 9th - Chris
Well, it's my birthday! I'm 19! Woo!
Now, I know you've all been great about voting for Scatterplot, and I thank you all. But it's come to my attention that we're 60-some votes behind the #1 comic. Now... I know we have more than 60 readers. I think we have at least twice that. If each of you votes once today, that would put us far past the current #1 strip on the Keenspace Super 100, and then everybody's happy. Especially me.
So just click the vote button next to the "News" heading, and let's see if we can hit #1. Thanks.

Oh, and of course I can't forget - happy birthday to my friend Naomi, who shares this day with me - and with John Lennon, as it happens.

And one more thing - color/greyscale will be back regularly, soon as I have more time. But next: the Scatterplot 100th Strip Celebration-thingy!!! Friday....

Monday, October 7th - Chris
Scatterplot reached #4 before the list reset over the weekend. Thank you all so much for voting - the site said that around 50 people looked at the comic from the list, last week. Scatterplot is still sitting at #8... let's see if we can break the top three this week! Click the "Vote for Scatterplot"
Welcome to those of you that came here from the list... I recommend that you take a look at the archives because you'll understand - er, "understand" - the strip better.

Friday, October 4th - Chris
Yay! Up to #6! You're all great! Look for another comic this weekend - still playing catchup.

Wednesday, October 2nd - Chris
Yay! Scatterplot hit #10 today! Let's keep it moving up...
Thank you all for voting! Remember, you can vote once a day...

Also, happy birthday to Anna, who turns 19 today. Anna was the inspiration for the character of Laria...

Tuesday, October 1st - Chris
Color! Because I love you all. And to make up for all this lateness.
And speaking of me loving you all, my birthday is next Wednesday, the 9th. A great birthday present would be to see Scatterplot in the top 10 at the Keenspace Super 100 list again - so hit that "Vote for Scatterplot" button every time you visit the site, and let's make it happen!

Oh, and as usual, keep telling all your friends about the comic, if you like it. Some of you have been doing a great job of that already, and I thank you immensely for it. I estimate (through black magic and weblogs) that we've got about 150 readers - the number could be off by as much as 25-30% due to the stuff that the weblog actually measures - hence the black magic.

Saturday, September 28th - Chris
Finally. Comic number 95, up. We approach #100 rapidly. Since we're also approaching 11 months of comic-up-ness, it's rather clear how much I've failed in the three-a-week mission I started with. Oh, well.

More comics, later. not now. Later.

Tuesday, September 24th - Chris
Thanks to Katharing (also known as Carn_Carby) for this excellent guest strip! The panels loop, so be sure to watch the whole thing...

Friday, September 20th - Chris
Well, my back's feeling better, for the most part. And I'm caught up (mostly) with all the crap I had to do.
We hope you enjoyed Minimalist Week. Next week: Return of the Art.

Wednesday, September 11th - Chris
It's been a year. Today I put my political cynicism aside and remember the victims, and embrace the human strength of spirit that has endured.
The humor will be back later. Please take time today to enjoy your life, be happy for whatever fortune you may have and embrace the good things in life - no matter what the bad things may be. And don't forget your friends and family - remember the fallen, appreciate the living.
Peace be with you.

Monday, September 9th - Chris
Comic will be late, due to the need for sleep.


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