Friday, August 30th - Chris
Moving today. No time for greyscale.

Wednesday, August 28th - Chris
Well, what with me moving out this week and needing to make some, um, adjustments to my computer as well, I decided to take this opportunity to whip up another set of wallpapers.
This weekend I get to move the computer over to the dorms. Hopefully I'll have it all set up in time for Monday's update.

Tuesday, August 27th - Chris
Well, finally got Monday's comic up. It should be clear what exactly took so long.
For Wednesday, instead of a regular comic, I'll have a special treat for you.

This week, Stefan and I move back to college. Soon enough, Charles and Steve will do the same. And on November 8th, we'll be celebrating one year of Scatterplot comics. We've got some tricks up our sleeves for that.
Plus, you may note we're still backdating the comics by one week - we still intend to make up those three comics we missed.
Stick around - it's gonna be an exciting few months, at least!

Wednesday, August 21st - Chris
I will be (possibly, unless the current problems don't get cleared up) attending CNAnime in Toronto this Saturday. Look for the top hat with the Ace of Spades, if you're there - I'll have books.

Saturday, August 17th - Chris
So I made a slight change to Friday's strip, blurring the background. I like the effect.
Thanks to Josh Phillips for showing me that.

Wednesday, August 14th - Chris
We present another color Scatterplot, our 80th strip, and the following announcement:
We intend to make up all the missed days over the next few weeks. You may notice in the archives that this is listed as August 7th's strip. We will catch up to the present... so check back every day, because you never know when another strip goes up. You can always check the news to see if you've missed everything - I'll put up a special news item each time we put up a comic on an irregular day.

Friday, August 9th - Chris
I'd like to apologize to the guest artists and to all the readers for the utter lack of updates over the past week. I'm not quite sure what went wrong, but the guest comics never showed up. Here's one, another is forthcoming on Monday, and I'll resume regular comicry on Wednesday - maybe with another color comic to make up for the problems.

Wednesday, July 31st - Chris
Well, since I leave today and won't be back for a week and a half, I thought I'd leave off with a colored strip. Friday and next Wednesday have guest strips. Monday and next Friday, perhaps Stefan will have something arranged. I leave you in his hopefully capable hands.

Friday, July 26th - Chris
I was in a hurry with this one. Enh.

Thursday, July 25th - Chris
Well, I'm off to Otakon. Before I get there, though, I need to endure nine hours in a car with no air conditioning.
God dammit.
Monday's strip will be a bit late. But it'll be there.

Wednesday, July 24th - Chris
The second trilogy continues.
(Or is it the first? bwahahaha.)

Monday, July 22nd - Chris
Um. Yeah.
I will be attending Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland from Friday, July 26th to Sunday, July 28th. Look for me in a top hat on Friday and Sunday, and in a Sith costume on Saturday. Anyone who comes up to me and asks for a book will get one, because I have them and I want to give them away.

Guest strips are slated to start sometime next week, I figure.
Saturday, July 20th - Chris
Instead of a strip for Friday, I have done a guest strip for Mac Hall.
I also have the next page of my series at Avalon That's enough comics for now - I've been busy.

Thursday, July 18th - Chris
Here's Wednesday's comic. Friday's is likely to be up Saturday - I still have to do a page or two for my miniseries at Avalon.

Wednesday, July 17th - Chris
Here's Monday's comic. I hope to have two more done by Saturday, to catch up.
Toronto was cool.
Working on getting ahead for my impending, other vacation...

Friday, July 12th - Chris
Uncertainty abounds regarding the state of Monday's comic, due to my out-of-town-ness starting tomorrow and ending Tuesday. Hopefully I'll have time to do one.

Wednesday, July 10th - Chris
That's not ripping another comic off, that's a reference.

Monday, July 8th - Chris
Well, camping was great - the weather cleared up beautifully as soon as we got there. Got burned on the beach, though. Oh, well.
Today Stefan amuses us all with another Intellectual Property strip. Regular comics resume Wednesday.
Click on the image above to vote for Scatterplot in the Keenspace Super 100 - more votes means more people get to find out about Scatterplot, and I'd think that's a good thing.

Wednesday, July 3rd - Chris
The image says it all. Sorry.
Happy Independence Day, tomorrow. I'll be out of the country. :D

Monday, July 1st - Chris
Happy Canada Day. As a special numerical gift to those of you in the US, the 71st comic falls on 7/1. Now, to the business at hand.
I will be out of town for several days, starting Thursday, and again for around two weeks starting at the end of July. So I give to you, the readers, the opportunity to have your comics appear on the Scatterplot website to fill in the days that I won't be able to prepare ahead of time.
Here's the deal: You send your comics to - either a link to a comic on a website, or the image itself. We'll be posting at least a few, perhaps many, in the weeks that I'm gone in August.
Here's the good stuff: Since I've recently started assembling (read: stapling together) the Scatterplot book, I will send a signed (by me and Stefan) copy to anyone whose comic I post on the site as an update. They may not be worth much now, but if this comic makes it big, you'll have a collector's item on your hands. This is a print run of about 35 books, containing all 51 actual Scatterplot strips (no guest art/comics or Intellectual Property) from the beginning through April 26th. (The cover says April 27th - I goofed.)
The comics that I don't post as updates, I'll assemble as a special section in the Fan Art page.
So send your comics in! Include in the e-mail the name or nickname you want attributed to the comic, as well as a website to link to if you want.
We have two deadlines, the first is a bit iffy, given the timing. Since I leave on Wednesday (the 3rd of July), anyone who sends me a comic in time for me to get it, look at it, approve of it, and upload it will have it up on Friday. In the (somewhat unlikely) case of more than one person sending me one, I'll put as many up as I feel like, basically. I may also hang onto them for posting in August. (I reserve the right to edit the comic if I feel the need, but you of course maintain rights to both the original work and anything I do to it. I think.)
The other deadline, since I also leave Thursday, July 25th, is Tuesday, July 23rd, to make sure we have enough time to pick some comics and upload them on the site so it'll automatically update. Late submissions may or may not be accepted, at our discretion (as in, if we get it and have time to look at it, we'll consider it).

All of this information is also to be stored on the contest page for your convenience.

Get drawing!


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