Saturday, June 29th - Chris
Caught up. W00t.
Today (as I've mentioned) starts my storyline miniseries on the Avalon website, relating the behind-the-scenes relationship of Ryan and Deirdre. Go check it out, it's a little bit of a change for me as far as formatting the strip goes - each page is actually a page-size chunk of panels, as opposed to the format Scatterplot uses.

I'd like to know what people think of any changes you may have seen in the Scatterplot style (apart from the recent addition of greyscale) in the past couple weeks. Something's changed, and I'll let you know, but I'd like to hear some opinions. So e-mail me at the link above, or drop by the forums and voice your opinion.

Friday, June 28th - Chris
Comic. Another on Saturday, and I'm relatively caught up.
I've been trying to stick to missing one comic or less per month. I missed three in March, two each in April and May, and once I get Friday's up I'll only have missed one in June. I am going on vacation for the first week of July, and for the first two weeks of August, but I plan to try to get ahead and fill in what I'm still missing with a few Intellectual Property strips from Stefan, and maybe a guest strip or two.
Which brings me to the guest comic contest that I'll be announcing on Monday.

Tuesday, June 25th - Chris
I've never actually seen a video like that. Maybe I'll try making it. Or not.

Oh, and it seems I was wrong re: my Avalon series' starting date. It's starting this coming Saturday, not last Saturday.

Friday, June 21st - Chris
As some of you who read other webcomics may have noticed, the website for Polymer City Chronicles ( was hijacked (due to a billing error, it seems) recently. Anyway, the comic is up at a new website, Please, if you read this, and/or know others who do, tell them about the new site, and bookmark it. Chris (the artist, Chris Morrison, who is not me) is trying to get his old site back, but who knows how long it'll take... Anyway, he said he's currently estimating a 75% loss of readership, and that's no good. So, that's where the comic is now.
For those of you who haven't read it, PCC is a comic that started out as a gaming gag strip, and soon became an epic tale of interstellar proportions. If you're going to start reading, perusal of the archives is highly recommended.

In other news, tomorrow I'm starting a miniseries on the Avalon website, detailing the unseen story of Ryan and Deirdre, called "Second Time Around". I'll be doing a page or two each weekend, as Tae Jensen's story "A Day In The Life", about Nancy Kawasaki, runs during the weekdays for the next six (well, five, now) weeks.

Wednesday, June 19th - Chris
Well, I finally had to skip a day completely, due to this sleep thing. My life has been busy. But, today's comic has lots of new panels. Whee.
In other, very leet news, my friend and fellow cartoonist Dan Quattrociocchi has brought back his excellent webcomic, Heroes.
See my fan art for Avalon. It's hockey-riffic.
Speaking of hockey-riffic, I won Avalon's hockey pool. I'm psyched. I guess I get to be in Avalon now. Kickass.

Thursday, June 13th - Chris
Aaaand here's your comic.
The Detroit Red Wings play the Carolina Hurricanes for the Stanley Cup tonight. Detroit leads the series 3-1, and is expected by many (including me) to win it tonight, at home. So:

Monday, June 10th - Chris
Nyyerrrg. Color strikes again, for Scatterplot's 26th strip. My computer is not happy.
The characters above are Sailor Jupiter, El Fantastico (a product of my friend's twisted mind), and Ceilidh MacFarlane from Avalon.

Afternoon update: I just edited the site a little. You can now e-mail me or Stefan using the buttons above. Saturday, June 8th - Chris
Well, although color is nigh-unmanageable to my computer, greyscale is just fine. So here's Scatterplot in greyscale, and likely to stay that way. I like the way it looks, better than the plain black'n'white.

Friday, June 7th - Chris
Need to catch up on sleep. Scatterplot resumes, hopefully, tomorrow.
Meanwhile, enjoy my little experiment with a digital camera and some Legos.
Also, we have a temporary forum.

Wednesday, June 5th - Chris
Well, back on "schedule" again. Not doing color again for a while. I've learned a few things, though.

Tuesday, June 4th - Chris
Well, after the site went down Sunday evening/Monday morning, I decided to get some sleep instead of trying to finish a comic I wouldn't be able to upload anyway. Yesterday evening, I foolishly decided to do this Scatterplot in color, to see how it would go.

Well, it was long, laborious, computer-taxing work, which is why I'm now writing this update at some ungodly hour. The comic is done, it just needs to be saved, flattened, saved again (as a large, flat (no layers) image), resized for the website, saved again, and uploaded. I'm doing that this morning, after I sleep a bit.

Wednesday, May 29th - Chris
Well, Stefan and I didn't quite get the script worked out.
I also realized that I have negligently omitted the character of Angela from the aforedrawn Art Days.
The perfect stone for these two birds, you see above. Fresh inspiration from Anime North brings you Angela as Sailor Mercury. Comics resume, hopefully, Friday.

Also, I found the con report - I'll have it up later today.

Tuesday, May 28th - Chris
No comic for Monday. I do however have the con report - what I did, saw, and such at Anime North.

Friday, May 24th - Chris
Here ends Art Week. For your further enjoyment, I have shaded each of the pictures from this week, and put the new versions together in a wallpaper design!
Wallpapers available in the following sizes:

Next week, regular comics resume. Hope you enjoyed the extra-special colorings and such.

Wednesday, May 22nd - Chris
Here's Art #2. After I'm done with the third, I'll be adding shading and composing the three to make one big image. Maybe I'll add a non-trivial background, too. We'll see.

Monday, May 20th - Chris
I saw Episode II last night. Wow. Go see it now.
So this week is Art Week - coming on Wednesday and Friday are Steve and Laria as other characters.

Saturday, May 18th - Chris
Normally I don't make weekend announcements if I'm running on time... but the forums are back up! Go now and discuss. Tell me what you think of the latest comics - have things been getting better, or worse? I'm not sure myself, actually. I could use the feedback.
A very, very large thanks to Gav (artist of Nukees and one of the guys who started the Keen empire) for putting in weeks of grueling, annoying, problem-fraught work on the forum servers, and bringing us back our boards.

Friday, May 17th - Chris
Likely seeing Star Wars over the weekend. Look for a Star Wars/Scatterplot Art Day on Monday. This is going to be good.

Wednesday, May 15th - Chris
Well, I was in Chicago over the weekend, hence the lack of comic on Monday. Too tired, got in late, etc etc.
Enjoy the strippage. Over the next couple weeks, I'm going to try to actually get ahead a few comics - develop a buffer of sorts so a problem or delay for one night doesn't affect the normal running of the comic.

Wednesday, May 8th - Chris
Here's the comic. Keenspace has been down for most of today, as you may have noticed - I really don't know why. All should be good now, though.
The forums, however, are back down. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 7th - Chris
Here's Monday's comic. I'm not going to doom Wednesday's comic by trying to say anything about its timeliness.

Saturday, May 4th - Chris
My cable modem (or rather, Comcast's service of it, damn them to hell) went out Friday morning, rendering me unable to put the comic up. Here it is now, in all its flaming glory.

Wednesday, May 1st - Chris
Working on the site a little. News stored in archives now, by pairs of months. Still streamlining my production process, but I'm really starting to like the way this works. If I get it fast enough I'll start adding color...


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