Tuesday, April 30th - Chris
Well, the ads go up on Goats tomorrow.
Here's Monday's comic.
Lateness due to moveout. I'm back home now, though, for the summer.

Friday, April 26th - Chris
Today's comic was put together in a slightly different manner, as you can probably tell by the computer typing. The font is the DigitalStrip font from BlamBot.
The book is put together, and not yet printed. 31 pages of comic goodness. Maybe I'll throw in today's strip as well to push it to 32. Printing today.

Wednesday, April 24th - Chris
I give up. Friday and Monday will be empty in the archive, and today's comic is today's. I have too much to do in the next week to worry about catching up.
Also, the forum is back, and improved. Go post!
I'm working on putting together a little book-like packet of strips. It'll basically be a bunch of 8.5x11 pages stapled together, and will contain the first x comics, where x is some number which I have not yet determined.

Monday, April 22nd - Chris
Well, due to repeated computer crashes, the delay continues. I don't know what's going on, but I'm not happy with it. My computer and my life seem determined to gang up on me and make sure I can't make up the strips. By the end of this week, I hope I'll be done.
Maybe I'll even manage to get one up later tonight.

Sunday, April 21st - Chris
As much as I hate to remain behind, my personal life is not permitting things getting back on schedule. Here's Wednesday's comic, Friday's will probably be up Monday, and Monday's on Tuesday.
Also, the forums seem to be blocked to normal comic readers. I can't get to them either. No idea what's going on; I'll look into it.

Cultural note: The painting used as a background in the third panel is by Pa-ta Shan-jen, a painter from the Qing dynasty who lived from 1624 to 1705. In case you'd like to know - it's certainly not MY work.

Thursday, April 18th - Chris
Here's Monday's comic. I'll be caught up by next Monday. Busy week, with the end of classes and the total lack of sleep and such.
Also, it seems Jesus Christ has shown up in the forums. One more reason to go and talk with the other Scatterplot readers!
Which brings me to a question. What should all of you be called? I think "Plotters" sounds good. Let us know, on the forum!

Friday, April 12th - Chris
This could have gone on for much, much longer, believe me.

Wednesday, April 10th - Chris
Today's comic brought to you by Stefan, who continues his now-named series of comics with this little gem. At least we're back on schedule.

Tuesday, April 9th - Chris
Here's Monday's comic. I'm still trying to get back on schedule - but at least I'm not more than one behind.
Also, today is my half-birthday. I'm 37 halves old. Eh.

I've whipped up an ad banner for an ad campaign starting in May. Feel free to use it to link to Scatterplot:

Saturday, April 6th - Chris
Well, Thursday I lost my backpack.
Among other things, it contained my comic-drawing materials. I can print new frames, but I've had to spent a lot of time trying to reconstruct my life. I guess it's just yet another excuse for being late, but I'm trying to go to college at the same time.
Anyway, here's Friday's comic.

Thursday, April 4th - Chris
This comic took more drawing than usual...
A while ago, I took a shot at the conservative Christian fanatic-types. Time to give the liberals their place in the S'plotlight.
Rant possibly forthcoming.

Monday, April 1st, again - Chris
So here's today's strip.

Monday, April 1st - Chris
So here's the deal with the comics. The comic up at this moment is Friday's. I'll post today's tomorrow, and Wednesday we're back to normal.
For those of you who didn't check the forum for info, my image editor crashed a couple times, and then after that I didn't have much access to a scanner with the programs I need. So I didn't have a chance to get this up till now.
Happy Easter/Passover/etc. to those celebrating it.

Wednesday, March 27th - Chris
I'll get back to the normal schedule Friday. Things have been weird (like me having to walk 2 miles to get home at 3 in the morning because the bus didn't show up), and my creative juices have been sapped. Here's a one-panel that Stefan did a while ago.

Thursday, March 21st - Chris
Sorry I couldn't get a comic up last night. I was working until 3:30 in the morning on a programming project.
Now, I'm sick. And tired. And 10 minute's walk from my bed. Pity me.

Monday, March 18th - Chris
Today's comic began as a concept for a commericial planned by Josh Haggerty, my sister's boyfriend, for his film production class. He never ended up using it, though, and eventually he told me about it. "Hey," I said, "that'd be a good comic!" He didn't actually do the writing for this (as I wrote it at around midnight tonight and could not reach him) but the idea is all his.

Friday, March 15th - Chris
Today's comic is dated 3/14, for Pi Day. Tired. Sleep.

Wednesday, March 13th - Chris
Just to clear this up: I have no problem with Christians per se. Just with people like this.

Monday, March 11th - Chris
All out of drawing templates last night. Couldn't print more till today. Anyway, enjoy.

Friday, March 8th - Chris
...Yeah. Fire.
Feel free to send inflammatory e-mail to DarthParadox@hotmail.com or Zephulos@mediaone.net.

Wednesday, March 6th - Chris
Pure silliness, here. The art is not up to my par; my pencil is not in good shape, and I lack the concentration to get it to do what I want at the moment.

Tuesday, March 5th - Chris
Couple things.
One, happy birthday to my sister Alice, who turned 17 on March 3rd. Also, a rather late happy birthday to my brother Luke, 8 since February 22nd. That's it for my family's late winter birthday season.
Two, it has come to my attention that the forums have been inaccessible to some. I don't know why this is, it's working fine from other computers... Anyway, the forums should be more reliably found here.

Monday, March 4th - Chris
Well, the Friday thing didn't happen, since I got in late Thursday night. Here's comic, though, and we should be back on "regular schedule" now.


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