Monday, February 25th - Chris
No new comics today or Wednesday. I'm leaving for Toronto this morning, and my time is taken with packing and such.
I had a couple more comics from Fan to put up, but in my departure from school 9on spring break right now) I forgot to bring them home, and I have no access to them. I should have a comic for Friday, though.
Also, congratulations to the Canadian hockey team.

Saturday, February 23rd - Chris
Sorry I'm late. Had a midterm due Friday.
And now, some sad news: Chuck Jones, animator/director of many cartoons (including three Oscar-winners, if memory serves me correctly) died yesterday of heart failure. At 89, he'd lived a long life that will be remembered for many years.
As a cartoonist and fan of many cartoons, I have a special place in my heart for Chuck Jones. His particular style of animation is easily recognizable in cartoons ranging from classic 7-minute Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny cartoons to the original animated Grinch movie. As Mel Blanc was the Man of a Thousand Voices, Chuck could manage any of a thousand expressions on the faces of his characters - each instantly conveying an emotion like evil glee or utter perplexedness, or anything in between - and this added a certain richness to the cartoons we worked on that most others lack. Through this he created the body of works which ultimately proved a quote of his - "Animation isn't the illusion of life; it is life."
Rest in peace, Chuck.

Thursday, February 21st - Chris
Here's the comic. Look! No storyline!

Wednesday, February 20th - Chris
The guest comic above is by Fan Yang, a friend of mine and "inspiration" for the character of Angela. Anyway, she figured the girls weren't getting enough paneltime, so here they are.
The actual comic should be up later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Monday, February 18th - Chris
The forums have moved! For those of you that have not yet discovered the new location (I know it took me a bit), Scatterplot's is here.

Friday, February 15th - Chris
I am not proud of the art in this comic. I do, however, consider this one of the most absurd comics I've done.
Please note that we have, in fact, ventured (albeit slightly) off the road of reality.

Wednesday, February 13th - Chris
Bit late today. Computer crashed last night. Ech.
In other news, something I think I should mention - the phrase "I live in a giant bucket!" is in fact a quote from a demented little animation called "Rejected". Bitter Films is selling DVDs, and it might be somewhere online too. Not that we'd advocate that or anything.
Thirdly, I understand there may be a few people here from Avalon after one of my comics was put up while Josh was recovering from Ad Astra. To you I say welcome, and wish it know that the past two comics are in no way indicative of malice towards our friendly neighbors to the north. :D

Monday, February 11th - Chris
For those of you who didn't get the fifth pun in Friday's comic, let me just say this: it is, in fact, written in the comic.
Anyway, today begins Make Fun Of Canadian Money week.

Saturday, February 9th - Chris
Apologies for the lateness of the comic. I wasn't where I expected to be when doing the comic, so I couldn't get it up till now.

Wednesday, February 6th - Chris
Happy belated birthday to Josh Phillips of Avalon. His birthday was Feb. 4th...
I will hopefully at some point have fan art for him as a gift. We'll see.

Monday, February 4th - Chris
Well, this is my first quasi-on-time update in weeks. Hope you like it.
And this time, we really are back to normal.
Thursday, January 31 - Chris
Well, I finally managed to finish the comic. I should be back on regular schedule now.
Genericon was great - I may be posting a summary to my LiveJournal at some point.

Friday, January 25th - Chris
Today we have some excellent fanart from Selaphri on the forum. I suppose she was, well, inspired by the thought of Steve in a skirt...
I will hopefully be able to resume thrice-weekly comicing upon my return Monday.

Wednesday, January 23rd - Chris
Well, it turns out the problems weren't fixed - the outage had merely become intermittent rather than continuous. In any case, Darren/"Gav", the head guy at Keen, says he should have the fixes in today, and hopefully that has in fact happened if you're reading this.
NEWS: I am going to be attending Genericon this weekend (25-27) in Troy, NY. I'll look much like I have in the comic for the past couple weeks, Jesus outfit aside. I'll be most likely wearing a black top hat ("the Hat") and be hanging out with the Avalon fans, including (sometimes, at least, when he's not doing the whole Featured Guest thing) Josh Phillips, esteemed artist of said strip. If you're going to be there, look for me!
I might have a comic up for Friday, or perhaps a comic/drawing from Stefan. We'll see.

Friday, January 16th - Chris
Due to massive server problems, Keen had some, uh, problems updating all the comics on the site. They should be fixed. New comics resume Monday.
Thank you for your patience.

Monday, January 14th - Chris
Apologies for the lateness of the comic. KeenSpace's FTP space wasn't working from my computer - I had to wait till the morning to get to another one.

Friday, January 11th - Chris
No comic today. I've a fencing tournament five hours away, so sleep is essential. I'll recharge over the weekend, and the storyline should be able to finish up next week.
In the meantime, here's something for you all to enjoy - this portrait of me was drawn by none other than Ian McConville, talented artist of Mac Hall and accomplished slacker. We ended up pretty much next to each other in line for Otakon (back in August), and I suppose he got bored... Anyway, go read the comic! You can find some of my favorites here and here.

Monday, January 7th - Chris
Back at school, back to the comics. Happy New Year, and hopefully the new year will bring functionality to the rest of the site - I should have it all up by week's end.


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