Tuesday, December 25th - Chris
Due to holiday stuff, Monday's comic has now become sometime-Tuesday's comic. I may manage to get Wednesday's up as well, but after that there's not likely to be much of anything, comic or otherwise, until Monday, January 7th. The only way this will change is if you send me art! Maybe even do a guest strip or something, I dunno.Anyway, happy holidays as appropriate.

Friday, December 21st - Chris
Here are Wednesday's and Friday's comics, sequentially.
And then, we'll be back on schedule! Just in time for me to announce a possible hiatus.
The comics for Wednesday, December 26th through Friday, January 4th may not exist. I'm going on vacation with my family then, and if I can't draw sufficient strips in advance, I will have to not do comics for that period. Furthermore, if I don't do them then, I'm not making them up later - I don't want to dig myself another hole like I did this week. Maybe I'll have some fanart by then.
Speaking of which - send me fanart! Send to DarthParadox@hotmail.com.

Thursday, December 20th - Chris
I was going to put the comic up yesterday, but the midnight showing of Lord of the Rings kind of got in the way. However, the movie did kick unholy amounts of ass, so I hope you can sympathize.
Anyway, I've got the comic drawn, but I'm not editing it till tomorrow (i.e., today). I should have it up by the afternoon.

Tuesday, December 18th - Chris
As promised - here's Monday's comic.
Sleep now. Sleep good. Zzz.

Monday, December 17th - Chris
Ok, here's the deal. A comic on Monday (today), a comic on Tuesday, and a comic on Wednesday. That'll catch me up.
This weekend, fun as it was, was busy as hell. But I had a Christmas party, and I went to a football game (and saw history - the Lions won!) so all is good.
Apologies for the lack of comic.

Friday, December 14th - Chris
No new comic today - I've an 8 AM final, so sleep is essential. I'll try to have one up for Saturday.

Thursday, December 13th - Chris
Run! It's Thursday the 13th!
*sigh* Just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Anyway, here's the comic, chock full of literary references. Mmm.

Wednesday, December 12th - Chris
Sorry, you're going to have to wait a bit. My need for sleep has outweighed my compulsion to do comics at the moment. Maybe I'll have it up early afternoon or so...

Monday, December 10th - Chris
Today, you get a special bonus 5-panel strip! W00t!
Three more days of classes for me, then break! We'll see how strips work out over the break...

Friday, December 7th - Chris
My internet service (in the dorm) is currently out. Damn.
I'm uploading this from the room of the people across the hall from me. They somehow still have net access. Hmm. The ResComp people say they're "investigating" the rolling internet outages in the dorms, but there is "no timetable" for repair.
Read: It's gonna be a while.
Anyway, this one's for the girls out there, sort of.

Wednesday, December 5th - Chris
Also, happy birthday to Ian (today) and aki^-1 (tomorrrow) over at #avalon...

Tuesday, December 4th - Chris
I was thinking about doing a tribute strip for George Harrison today. Then it occurred to me - though I am a lifelong fan of the Beatles and I'm rather fond of his solo works, I simply don't feel the same sense of loss as those who were around in his prime. I mourn for him, yes - but let those to whom it is more meaningful pay tribute in their own ways.
We'll still miss you, though, George.
Anyway, here's the strip. Start of a new storyline, for those who care.

Monday, December 3rd - Chris
Sorry, no new Scatterplot today. I had the Putnam and a many-hour fencing tournament this weekend - I'm dead tired. However, here's a special strip I did with Ceilidh of Avalon. I'll hopefully have a "real" one up for tomorrow.

Friday, November 30th - Chris
Here's the comic.
Tomorrow, I'm taking the Putnam Exam... 6 hours of mind-breaking math. Anyone else out there taking it? Lemme know, post on the forum, and perhaps we can all compare notes afterwards...

Wednesday, November 28th - Chris
WE HAVE A FORUM. W00T135. Check it out!Today's comic is based off of a conversation Stefan and I had a little while ago. We started off just with the idea of replacing the filling of a Pop-Tart with, say, South American fire ants, or alternatively, a powerful laxative. We then figured that were we to pair it with a real Pop-Tart and give people the offer to choose, some would.
That's right, we think there are people who would risk eating fire ants for a strawberry Pop-Tart.
Secret message to the Pop-Tart people - Don't sue.
What would you do? E-mail me or Stefan and tell us what you think!

Monday, November 26th - Chris
Here's the comic. Only partially based in real life this time.
Still no forum. Grr.
Also, Stefan's e-mail address, by the way, is Zephulos@mediaone.net. He like e-mail, so send him some!

Wednesday, November 21st - Chris
Right. Many of you (if not all) are aware that this strip is if not based, then at least inspired by reality. So the question I bet is being asked by many people is:
Holy crap, does that thing actually exist??
The frightening answer: yes.
The Bitchmaker is a 2" forged-steel wrench. Its appearance is much like that of a standard wrench - just magnified. I will at some point have pictures of it to show you - maybe I'll do that for Friday instead of the strip.
This brings me to my second point: There will not be a new strip on Friday. My computer and scanner at my home are not set up the way I like them to be. I don't feel like taking an hour out of my Thanksgiving (which will be hectic enough - our house plays host to 20-some people on Friday) to fiddle with controls for the scanner at home in order to have it scan the way I want it to. Maybe I'll have some content up; maybe not. In any case, Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it (do I have overseas readers? I'unno), and Happy Fourth Thursday of November in any case.

Also, it's Stefan's birthday today. Though I don't have an e-mail address of his to be made available, I'm sure he would appreciate fan art sent to us... or just drop him a line there. I'll make sure it gets there.

Monday, November 19th - Chris
This strip was done slightly hastily, due to my propensity for sleep. Although I quite honestly think most of my art in this one is crap, I think the back of Steve's head in 0:5.2 (means series 0, strip 5, panel 2, btw - a convention I borrowed from Josh Phillips, though series in this case is storyline, not volume/year) turned out rather nicely.
Forum still isn't up, though. Someday. Maybe.
Also, there may not be a strip on the day after Thanksgiving... depending on how much stuff I'm doing. I'll try, though.

Friday, November 16th - Chris
I'm tired. Here's the strip. Bad art, maybe - I'm tired.
Sleep. Yes.

Wednesday, November 14th - Chris
This strip is based in part on a real-life incident. Stefan did indeed purchase a Mach 3 razor a while ago. Upon his first shave with it, he cut himself. And he bled.
For six hours.
If that isn't a razor to ph34r, I don't know what is.

Monday, November 12th - Chris
Forum's not up yet. Soon, yes. Hopefully before week's end.
If you're got something you're dying to say, though, e-mail me at DarthParadox@hotmail.com and let me know!
I would like to take this time to thank Josh Phillips over at Avalon for kindly sending a link my way on Friday... Josh is in fact a great influence on me in the comic world - not only showing me that a college student can fit in a daily comic along with classes and life, but also in the actual style I use - the effect may be slight, but it's definitely there. SO if for some reason you didn't come here via his link, go see his comic.
I mean it. Really.

Thursday, November 8th - Chris
Welcome to the comic! There will usually - and I would like to stress the "usually" - be new comics on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is not at all a strict schedule - not that we're starting on a Thursday...
In any case, welcome. Admittedly, the site is not yet fully operational. But it will be. Oh God will it be. Those of you looking for a forum - I should have it over the weekend sometime.

This strikes me as a good time to mention this. I am a math geek. I admit it. But this comic is not solely a math comic. You can all rest easy now.

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